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WOW!!!! I'm amazed...I remember my cousin getting married (in Tokyo) and having just 3 changes of dress....This is something. I would have pooped out long before you...


Wow, that's one expensive looking wedding!

I've heard that the "acting as priests" is a big and well paying job over there. :P Too bad I couldn't technically cash in on that one.


Gosh, I remember our wedding reception, I had two changes of dress and that was enough for me, not being able to enjoy the meal I had chosen was a bit disappointing and I wish I had had the bucket the bride had.


Interesting entry as usual. I couldn't help but be reminded of the movie The Wedding Banquet. Funny movie.

Have been meaning to let you know how much I enjoy your photographs. I truly enjoy them, thanks.

an englishman in osaka

Surely the bucket was for the discreet emptying of stomachs, no?


The vignettes of life in Japan are great. An actor playing a priest! A samba troupe! More please! I know this is primarily a food blog but you write so well about other topics as well.

Awesome. I came for the food but I got to stay for the party :)


Carlyn, 3 outfits is pretty standard, and that's how it was for the actually wedding. It was the outfits for the after-parties that surprised me.
And as tired as I was, the happy couple must have been much more exhausted. Poor guys...

Sera, weddings are really expensive here, but because guests bring cash (and lots of it) instead of presents, they often manage to pay for themselves. And sometimes turn a profit, too!

Kat, the thing about not being able to eat is what kills me. Japanese weddings are not about the couple, it's sad.

Thanks a lot, Winnie!

Englishman, he would have had to have very discrete about it, because all eyes were on the table pretty much the whole time. But I'm sure the buckets do occasionally get used that way.

Thank you An9ie! Oh, there's so much more good stuff I could write, but I have to hold back out of respect for the people involved (who know about this blog and might actually read it occasionally).

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